An Introduction to the Alexander Technique for Musicians

Practical Solutions to Free Your Body, Overcome Performance Anxiety and Perform At Your Best

 Choose from two class options:

Thursday, November 9th @ 10am – 12pm 


Saturday, November 11th @ 3pm – 5pm

For: All musicians – vocalists and instrumentalists

Where: Studio 17 (449 Portland Avenue #1; St. Paul, MN 55102)

Instructor: MBMS Founder Peter Jacobson

Class Fee: $40

Your registration fee includes the option to bring a friend or colleague to the class for free!

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Dear Fellow Musician,


My name is Peter Jacobson, and I'm the founder and director of The Mind Body Music School. I’m a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, a lifelong musician, an experienced music educator (20+ years) and a conservatory-trained orchestral conductor.

I'm very happy to invite you to join me in my new home teaching studio (called "Studio 17") in the historic Cathedral Hill neighborhood of St. Paul for a live introduction to the world-famous Alexander Technique. Just for musicians!

For well over a century, vocal and instrumental musicians have used the Alexander Technique to access their full artistic and creative potential. I am one of those musicians. It has been an integral part of my music journey and it is one of my great joys in life to share it with other musicians. 

This intro class is open to all musicians – vocalist and instrumentalist – regardless of style, ability or age. (Those under age 18 are welcome with a parent/guardian chaperone.)

Our work in the class will be about the practical application of the Alexander Technique principles to three areas:

  • How to reliably free your body while playing or singing
  • How to effectively deal with nerves and performance anxiety
  • How to perform at your best consistently

The format of this intro class will be a combination of large group exercises and activities along with the option to work with me one-to-one on your playing or singing in front of the class.

I strive to create a learning environment that is safe, supportive, fun and joyful.

A few important things to know: 

  • A fully-weighted 88-key keyboard will be provided for keyboardists.

  • If you’re a vocalist, you can bring backing tracks (a bluetooth stereo system will be available) or just sing a cappella.

  • You can dress in everyday casual attire.

If you're new to the Alexander Technique, this class will give you a taste of what this wonderful work has to offer.

If you've had prior experience with the Alexander Technique, this class will be a great refresher and offer you some new ways to apply the work directly to your music-making. 

I hope to see you there! 

In Music,
Peter Jacobson
MBMS Founder & Director
Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique

PS – If you have questions about this class, please feel free to write me here.

PPS – You can find some of our student success stories here

Register for the Thursday, November 9th Intro Class
Register for the Saturday, November 11th Intro Class