About The Mind Body Music School

The Mind Body Music School offers classes, lessons and programs for vocal and instrumental musicians and music teachers based on principles of the Alexander Technique. Our instruction takes place online and in-person at Studio 17 in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

Hello, this is Mind Body Music School (MBMS) Founder Peter Jacobson. (You can read my official bio here.)

Thank you for stopping by learn more about our school.

As our name suggests, our school focuses not on just music but also the mind, the body, and ultimately the whole musician. It is our mission to train not only highly-skilled musicians but also musicians that are healthy, whole, creative and kind.

The work we do in MBMS comes out of my own musical and personal journey.

At age 19, during my undergraduate studies, I experienced debilitating physical pain that left me feeling hopeless and depressed. None of my teachers could help me. (The upside: it led me to eventually discover the Alexander Technique.)

In my early 30s, while in graduate school, I hit rock bottom in my mental health. Anxiety and depression brought my sense of self-worth as a musician to an all-time low. (The upside: To recover, I did some deep personal development work which put me on a beautiful healing path.)

I know I'm not the first musician to deal with physical pain and mental health issues. But the problem is (as I found out) that our music education system isn't always set up to support musicians through these kinds of challenges. And so many musicians end up just suffering in silence. 

I started this school back in 2014 to change that. I wanted to create a school that took an holistic approach, one that prioritized the health and well-being of the whole musician above all else.

Our approach is powered by what I call our 'twin engines':

  • Our Curriculum – everything we do in our school is based in principles of the Alexander Technique, a practical method used by performing artists for well over a century to optimize their artistry and maximize their potential. We also integrate relevant knowledge from the fields of neuroscience, human anatomy, motor learning, skill acquisition, peak performance and music education into our work. It creates for a unique curriculum that serves the needs of the whole musician.
  • Our Community – we cultivate a social learning environment that is constructive and kind, non-competitive and stimulating and above all, our affirms the dignity and worth of every student. Many of our students report that they've received a level of support through our community they haven't received anywhere else. 

Our students tend to be a lot like myself. Seekers. Open-minded thinkers. Many of them are square pegs and black sheep. Passionate musicians and music teachers who have a sense something more is available to them if only they had the right tools. People interested in a holistic and sustainable approach to their art and craft.

We welcome anybody that wants to learn what we teach regardless of nationality, socio-economic status, shape, size, gender, sexual orientation, race, religious beliefs, neurological differences or physical ability.

Having already helped hundreds of musicians, my goal is for The Mind Body Music School to continue to be a model for what a holistic, health-focused, humanity-affirming place of music learning can be. A place where musicians, music teachers and music leaders alike can deepen into themselves and their work with freedom, passion, and joy.

We offer instruction online and in-person. Our programs include The MBMS Academy for Musicians, The Integrated Musician Certificate Program, Make Music First and The MBMS Mastermind. Every summer, we hold a 6-day summer retreat at the beautiful DeKoven Center in Racine, Wisconsin.

We also offer an Alexander Technique teacher training program, which is currently closed to applications. However, in the fall of 2024, we will be launching a new version of our Alexander Technique training course specifically for musicians and music teachers.

I offer private lessons online via Zoom and in-person at my home teaching studio in St. Paul, MN. I am also available for guest teaching. I am able to offer masterclasses and workshops both online and in-person for independent music studios and educational institutions. Send us a message to inquire about private lessons or guest teaching opportunities.

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