A 2-Part Webinar Series for the Musician-Teacher-Entrepreneur 

Join MBMS Founder Peter Jacobson for a free 2-part live webinar series.

About This 2-Part Webinar Series

Session #1 – Available on Replay  

Session #2 – Monday, November 20th, 2023

Session #2 will take place live via Zoom at:

10am – 11am US Pacific Time
12pm – 1pm US Central Time
1pm – 2pm US Eastern Time
6pm – 7pm United Kingdom Time
7pm – 8pm Central European Time

Replays of both sessions will be available for a limited time.

Are you a musician-teacher who finds it difficult, if not impossible, to balance your own creative work with your teaching work?

Do you neglect your own music-making because you pour every ounce of your creative energy into your students?

Would you love to figure out a way to make a great living doing exactly the kind of creative and teaching work you love?

Are you on or considering jumping on the entrepreneurial path and taking your destiny into your own hands?

Join MBMS Founder and fellow Musician-Teacher-Entrepreneur for a free 2-part webinar series focused on getting paid well to do meaningful work as a musician and teacher without sacrificing your physical and mental health.

Session #1 – The Challenges & Joys of Being a Musician-Teacher 

In this session we'll explore:

  • The concept of "real work" vs "paid work"  
  • Lifestyle design – consciously creating a life and lifestyle you love
  • How your personal creative work and your teaching can feed off each other in a positive way
  • Going "Pro" as the solution to resistance and inertia 

Session #2 – The Challenges & Joys of Being an Artistic Entrepreneur

In this session, we'll explore:

  • What it means to be an artistic entrepreneur
  • Why so approaches to business building don't work for artists
  • How to communicate about your work to people that will gladly pay you well for it
  • How your view of money shapes your success as an entrepreneur

NOTE: This webinar series is a preview of the upcoming group coaching program, The MBMS Mastermind for Musician-Teacher-Entrepreneurs, which launches December 4th.

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