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3 scary monsters that lurk in the shadow of an artistic life [BEWARE!]

Oct 31, 2023

By Peter Jacobson

With Halloween approaching, I feel it’s my duty to share a PSA (public service announcement) with you about three of the most frightening “monsters” that lurk in the shadows of an artistic life.

These ghoulish creatures are hellbent on destroying anything beautiful you attempt to create.

Here they are…BEWARE! 

1. The Comparison Crypt Keeper

This abominable character lures you into his “comparison” crypt with curiosity.

He’ll say something like:

“Yoo hoo! Over here! Look at the amazing work this other singer (who appears to be younger, thinner and more attractive) is doing.”

You enter his crypt (which looks a whole lot a social media site) and discover he’s got a whole bevy of singers to compare you too.

Before you know it, he’s sucked out and feasted on all your self-esteem.

As he licks his jowls and taps his fingers together in wicked glee, you wonder what the heck just happened.

Shaken and demoralized, you head to your kitchen to fill your self-esteem void with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and bag of potato chips.

Scary stuff indeed!

2. The “Past-Your-Prime” Prowler (and his army of voiceless minions)

He and his voiceless army prowl the night with a single message:

“Give it up, you are past your prime.”

After you buy into his nefarious message he enlists you to join his voiceless army of disenchanted followers, all who have thrown in the towel and given up on their dreams.

This army is truly a frightening sight: thousands of former artists who have given up their voices and dreams and now they silently prowl the landscape doing their master’s bidding by seeking out other vulnerable souls to join them on their anti-creativity quest.

NOTE: The prowler does not only stalk “older” people. He has been known to go after those in their teens, 20’s and 30’s, getting them to believe they started too late and will never catch up to their more successful peers.

Watch out for this guy and his army of voiceless minions!

3. The Monster of Dr. FRAUD-kenstein

As a creation of the evil Dr. Fraud-kenstein, this common monster has one purpose: remind you that you are a total fraud.

His wicked ways are subtle – he is less of an outright fear monger and more of a sneaky farmer.

While you’re distracted comparing yourself to others and wondering if you’re past your prime, he plants tiny seeds of doubt about your abilities.

Before long those seeds grow into strangling weeds that paralyze you from the neck down and constantly have you doubting if you have what it takes.

This monster is not discriminating – he visits anybody with a creative urge, from rank beginners to professionals at the top of their game.

Now before you get too worked up, I want to let you in on a little secret:

This monster is a former musician and performer himself.

Here’s a little footage from his past:

Point is: as a former creative person himself, he can be reasoned with and talked out his dastardly deeds.


Well there you have it folks.

Three nasty “monsters” that go bump in the night.

Before you go slip into your halloween costume for a night of sugar-fueled fun, I invite to you sign-up for our free eBook, Breathing Made Simple.

I promise – no tricks, only treats. 😉

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